11Quiet periods (Blocked periods)

Our trading policy sets out internal guidance and rules on the proper handling of inside information and for trading in the Company’s securities. In addition, our disclosure policy defines the information requirements and responsibilities with regard to informing the public in a fair and transparent manner, and at the earliest possible stage, about significant developments and changes concerning PolyPeptide.

We have introduced ordinary blocked periods during which time the Company and blocked persons must not deal in Company securities or make respective recommendations to any other person regardless of whether or not such person is in possession of inside information. PolyPeptide’s ordinary blocked periods are (i) from 31 December until the lapse of one trading day following the public release of our annual results and (ii) from 30 June until the lapse of one trading day following the public release of our half-year results.

Blocked persons subject to the ordinary blocked periods include members of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the PolyPeptide Management Committee as well as other individuals having access to inside information during these periods as identified by the CFO and General Counsel, in consultation with other members of management. The General Counsel maintains a list of the blocked persons, which is reviewed together with the CFO ahead of the commencement of each ordinary blocked period, and informs such individuals of their designation as a blocked person. Each blocked person must also deliver an acknowledgment of their designation as a blocked person to the General Counsel. In addition, the General Counsel reminds all blocked persons by e-mail of the applicable restrictions ahead of each ordinary blackout period.

In 2023, the following ordinary blocked periods applied: from 31 December 2022 until (and including) 14 March 2023; from 30 June 2023 until (and including) 15 August 2023; and from 31 December 2023 until (and including) 12 March 2024. No exceptions to the ordinary blocked period were granted in 2023.

In addition to ordinary blocked periods, the Chair, CEO, CFO or the General Counsel may each impose extraordinary blocked periods from time to time where they consider it necessary or appropriate, including (without limitation) where inside information exists or may arise (for example in connection with a potential material transaction) or where restrictions are required or appropriate to comply with regulatory or other requirements.