10Information policy

We maintain a policy of transparent communication with all our stakeholders.

We release our financial results in the form of an annual report. Our annual report is published only in English and in electronic form under the links at the end of this section 10 within four months of the 31 December balance sheet date. According to art. 8 para. 5 Articles of Association the annual report, the remuneration report and related audit report, the Auditors’ report, the report on non-financial matters and other reports as required by law shall be made available to the shareholders at least 20 calendar days prior to the date of the ordinary general meeting.

In addition, our financial results for the first half of each fiscal year are released only in English and only in electronic form under the links at the end of this section 10 within three months of the 30 June balance sheet date.

Our annual report and half-year results are announced via press releases and media and investor conferences held in person, via telephone or video conference / webcast.

In addition, we comply with the requirements of SIX Exchange Regulation on the dissemination of price-sensitive information. Ad hoc announcements can be accessed at the same time as they are communicated to the SIX Exchange Regulation at the links indicated at the end of this section 10. PolyPeptide will also send material and price-sensitive information directly, promptly and free of charge by e-mail. This service is offered under the links indicated at the end of this section 10.

Notices to shareholders are made by publication in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce. The Board of Directors may designate further means of publication.

Contact addresses

Copies of all information and documents pertaining to press releases, media conferences, investor updates and presentations at analyst and investor presentation conferences can be downloaded from our website at
https://www.polypeptide.com/ or obtained upon request from Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, Neuhofstrasse 24, 6340 Baar, Switzerland (phone: +41 435 020 580; e-mail: investorrelations@polypeptide.com).

Main registered office

PolyPeptide Group AG
Neuhofstrasse 24
6340 Baar


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